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[Tip] How to save offline map in Google Maps v7

Downloading maps for offline access is useful not only for travelers worried about roaming charges, but also for any heavy Maps users with limited data plans. If you are worried that the ability to save offline maps in Google Maps has disappeared after major update in v7, you are not alone. The good news is […]
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[PSA] You must enable 2-step verification in Gmail. Right. Freaking. Now.

I’ve been meaning to write about Gmail 2-step verification for a while now, but Jeff Atwood beat me to it with this excellent post: Make Your Email Hacker Proof. If you currently don’t have 2-step verification enabled in Gmail or are not using Gmail, you must read his post in its entirety. Jeff goes into great detail […]
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Tip: how to avoid duplicate notifications when using custom SMS app

Android stock SMS Messaging app is quite good and does its job nicely, but some Android users like to get fancy with their SMS apps. Enter Handcent SMS app, which supports MMS with picture, video and audio attachments, great customization, group send, themes, different ringtones and LED notifications, 20+ languages, SMS history search, message password protection, schedule sms delivery […]
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Tip: how to fix a launcher that is stuck in Force Close loop

I personally have never ran into this problem, but a friend of mine just did and found a very nice solution which is worth sharing. The launcher on his Verizon Samsung Fascinate (a variant of Samsung Galaxy S) went into a permanent Force Close loop, which means that the launcher would crash every few seconds […]
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13 tips for Android beginners

If you just bought your first Android phone, here are some useful tips on using phone’s buttons, Home screen and customization. 1. You can install apps to your phone from the computer’s web browser. Open in your computer’s browser, login to your Google account, find an app, click Install. The download of the app will […]
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Tip: how to prevent Swype keyboard from disabling on reboot

Swype is a very fast way to type on a touchscreen and once you get used to it going back to the regular keyboard is impossible. One nagging issue I’ve been having with Swype was that it was disappearing from the list of keyboards after reboot. As a result I had to re-enable it in Settings -> […]
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Old Google documents can now be upgraded to the latest version

If you are an active user of Google Docs, you probably remember a major update a year ago with great new features such as real-time collaboration, advanced formatting tools (ruler, margins indentation, tab stops) and improved revision history. Later, another update brought ability to edit documents in the browser of mobile devices, such as Android, iPhone and iPad. However, […]
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Using Android home screen shortcuts for direct dialing, navigation, bookmarks and more

One of the best features of Android is customization, which among many things allows to control how the home screen behaves and looks using widgets, shortcuts and 3rd party launchers such as ADW.Launcher and LauncherPro. Let’s take a closer look at home screen shortcuts, which are accessible via long press on the home screen and selecting […]
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Speed up your Android: free up internal phone storage

If your Android phone seems to be running slower than it used to, check how much available internal storage it has left. If it has less than 30% left, freeing up some space will speed up the phone. That is because flash memory which is used for internal storage gets significantly slower as it gets […]
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Tip: Receive Google Voice calls in Gmail

Last week Google added an ability to call phones directly from the Gmail page. All calls to US and Canada are free this year and international rates are low. By now all US users should see Call phone button on their Gmail page under Google Chat widget (if you don’t see this button, log out […]
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Tip: know which Google Talk contacts are using Android

If from time to time your Google Talk buddies are ignoring you, that maybe because they are logged in on their Android phones and are not seeing your messages, while in the call or watching videos. When you are on the Gmail page in your computer’s browser, you can see if you are chatting with somebody […]
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Tip: drag and drop Gmail attachments using Chrome and Firefox browsers

In case you missed this news: if you are using either Chrome or Firefox browser, you can now drag and drop attachments directly onto email messages. For details and screenshots, see Gmail blog.
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