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Useful Android 4.4 (KitKat) links

Just released Android 4.4 (KitKat) introduced a number of new features: integrated messaging app (Hangouts), wireless printing, improved immersive full screen mode, new Dialer app, improved stock Email app, NFC update which allows apps using NFC (e.g. Wallet) to function without the access to secure element on the device, and many more. Android 4.4 has also […]
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Resources every Android developer must know

As Android platform continues its incredible growth, more and more developers start working on Android apps. If you are beginning Android development in 2013, you are a lucky person, as the platform has greatly matured in the last few years. While the number of available developer resources may seem overwhelming, this post points to the most […]
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Thoughts on Google IO 2012 registration process: stop the giveaways

This morning at 7AM registration for Google I/O 2012 conference has began and all tickets sold out in about 28 minutes. Russell Holly estimated that roughly 7 million requests were sent for 5500 tickets. Do the math and you can see why the likelihood of getting in was slim. I barely got my ticket and the process left […]
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Google I/O 2011

Google I/O 2011 starts tomorrow. The session schedule is impressive and contains 9 tracks: Android, App Engine, Chrome, Commerce, Dev Tools, Geo, Google APIs, Google Apps, and Tech Talk. If you are one of many developers who wanted to attend, but won’t (registration sold out in under an hour), you can watch main events live. Both keynotes (about […]
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2010 Google I/O Android sessions available on youtube

All Android session videos and slides from 2010 Google I/O conference have been posted: These are must see materials for any Android developer. Related posts Android 2.2 is announced at Google I/O Salivating over FroYo
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