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24 most useful Android apps

Why 24? That’s how many apps I have on my main Home screen. But my homescreen fits only 16 apps. I use ADW.Launcher which allows customizing number of shortcuts per screen (see FAQ below for more details on ADW.Launcher). My 24 most used Android apps are:
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Why Nexus One is (arguably) still the best Android phone

Jan 2011 update: Google and Samsung have released Nexus S, a successor to Nexus One. Nexus S offers multiple benefits over Nexus One such as better screen (Super AMOLED), better touchscreen, Android 2.3, faster GPU, more internal storage and front facing camera. Similarly to Nexus One, Nexus S is a developer phone with an unlocked bootloader (for […]
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Best Android World Cup app:

<update> Added few minor missing features: lineups are not sorted by players position, and standings do not show goal difference.</update> In the last few days I have spent some time trying to find a decent World Cup Android application. I finally found one and it’s called It provides all the basic information about live […]
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Android 2.2 Preview: Cloud to Device Messaging demo

Update: Chrome to Phone feature has been officially released. One of the most impressive new Android 2.2 features announced during 2010 Google I/O conference was Cloud to Device Messaging API. You can watch the 10-minute demo below showing how this feature can be used for sending messages from the computer to the Android phone. As […]
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The HTC EVO 4G verdict: a step in the right direction

If you have been holding your breath in the anticipation of the Sprint EVO 4G release, you can exhale now. EVO 4G will not become the best Android phone when it is released tomorrow, but it will provide a strong competition to other top of the line Android phones such as HTC Incredible (Verizon) and […]
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Fring free video calling between HTC EVO 4G and Nexus One recorded on youtube videos

Fring has updated its Android app with the video chat support in preparation for the Sprint HTC EVO 4G launch on June 4th and was excited to test Fring’s video calling. HTC EVO 4G’s features a front facing camera and an incredibly convenient kick stand making free video calling extremely easy. The test was set up […]
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