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News: 7″ Amazon Fire, Microsoft and Samsung sign a deal, Cyanogenmod and Xperia, Google Voice, Google+, Skype, Hipmunk, Google Wallet and more

It’s been a while since the last news update, so this roundup of the most interesting news from the past few weeks covers a lot: 7″ Android-based Amazon Fire tablet was unveiled and will start shipping in US for $199 on Nov 15 . The main selling point besides its low price will be access to the vast library […]
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News: Google to acquire Motorola Mobility

A big news for the Android ecosystem: Larry Page announced today a 12.5B acquisition of Motorola Mobility. This acquisition will have a significant impact on many aspects for the Android world: from its Nexus brand, carrier availability, and better OS integration with hardware to a better defense against recent patent attacks on Android. More reaction […]
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Nexus S comes to AT&T on July 24

A great news for potential Android phone buyers: on July 24 Best Buy will start selling Nexus S phone fully compatible with AT&T network for $99 with 2-year contract. AT&T joins T-Mobile and Sprint in supporting Nexus S, which leaves Verizon as the lone carrier without Nexus branded phone. Nexus S ships with the latest version of Android […]
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News: Android Market update, live Google Maps traffic coverage in 13 European countries, 550000 daily Android activations

Catching up with the last week’s news: Roll out of the major upgrade to Android Market for phones has began. User interface has been redesigned from scratch to improve discoverability of apps and games.  If you are in the US, this version adds ability to rent movies and buy books from Android Market. Android 2.2+  phone is required for the update. You […]
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News: offline maps and transit navigation in Google Maps, Skype video calling, Google+ launch

Recent news: Google Maps for Android was updated to version 5.7. New features include turn-by-turn transit navigation (beta), photo viewer for Place pages, and streamlined user interace for getting directions. Google Maps update also added a very useful add-on to the Labs: offline maps download. To enable the add-on, open Maps -> More -> Labs and […]
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News: Android Google Talk audio and video calling now works over T-Mobile’s 3G network

Ever since Google Talk added video and voice chat support for Android phones in April, T-Mobile has been blocking Google Talk calls over its 3G/4G network. Calls worked, of course, over Wi-Fi and cellular networks of other carriers, such as Verizon. This has changed today and both video and audio calling now works flawlessly over T-Mobile’s cellular network. Google Talk […]
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Tip: how to avoid duplicate notifications when using custom SMS app

Android stock SMS Messaging app is quite good and does its job nicely, but some Android users like to get fancy with their SMS apps. Enter Handcent SMS app, which supports MMS with picture, video and audio attachments, great customization, group send, themes, different ringtones and LED notifications, 20+ languages, SMS history search, message password protection, schedule sms delivery […]
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Tip: how to fix a launcher that is stuck in Force Close loop

I personally have never ran into this problem, but a friend of mine just did and found a very nice solution which is worth sharing. The launcher on his Verizon Samsung Fascinate (a variant of Samsung Galaxy S) went into a permanent Force Close loop, which means that the launcher would crash every few seconds […]
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News: Swype 3.0 released with Honeycomb support and resizable keyboard

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Swype. Despite it’s permanent beta status for Android phones that do not have Swype preinstalled, it is by far the best onscreen keyboard that I’ve tried. Swype is the reason I almost never miss physical keyboard. The secret to Swype’s success is that it is a […]
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13 tips for Android beginners

If you just bought your first Android phone, here are some useful tips on using phone’s buttons, Home screen and customization. 1. You can install apps to your phone from the computer’s web browser. Open in your computer’s browser, login to your Google account, find an app, click Install. The download of the app will […]
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Google I/O 2011 recap: 18 months of Android updates, Music, Movies, [email protected], Honeycomb 3.1 update, USB Host support and more

The amount of Android news at Google I/O 2011 was impressive. Let’s recap the most important announcements from the conference. Alliance of hardware manufacturers and providers This is possibly the most important news for Android users: the alliance of hardware manufactures and providers announced that new devices will receive the latest Android platform upgrades for 18 months after the device is first […]
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Google I/O 2011

Google I/O 2011 starts tomorrow. The session schedule is impressive and contains 9 tracks: Android, App Engine, Chrome, Commerce, Dev Tools, Geo, Google APIs, Google Apps, and Tech Talk. If you are one of many developers who wanted to attend, but won’t (registration sold out in under an hour), you can watch main events live. Both keynotes (about […]
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News: native Google Docs app for Android is released

Over the last two years Google has added capability to edit Google documents and spreadsheets using Android and iOS mobile browsers. Today Google took the next step and released a native Google Docs app for Android 2.1+ devices. The native app makes it very easy to access documents, spreadsheets and presentations from different Google and […]
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Update Skype for Android to fix privacy vulnerability issue and get 3G calling

On April 14, Android Police revealed Skype for Android vulnerability issue, which would theoretically allow malicious third-party application to get access to Skype’s profile information and chat logs. The issue was acknowledged by Skype the next day. The vulnerability was caused by Skype using wrong file permissions of the cached profile information and not encrypting profile data. Today Skype announced […]
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CyanogenMod: 30, Android manufacturers: 4 (CM7 is released)

Congratulations to CyanogenMod team on achieving a major milestone: CM 7.0 got released last night! CyanogenMod is a firmware based on the open-source Android operating system and CyanogenMod 7 is the first stable Gingerbread-based release. The number of cell phones that run official version of Gingerbread (Android 2.3) is currently 4. Those are Nexus S, Nexus […]
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Tip: how to prevent Swype keyboard from disabling on reboot

Swype is a very fast way to type on a touchscreen and once you get used to it going back to the regular keyboard is impossible. One nagging issue I’ve been having with Swype was that it was disappearing from the list of keyboards after reboot. As a result I had to re-enable it in Settings -> […]
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Sony Ericsson will allow to unlock the bootloader in Xperia smartphones

Karl-Johan Dahlström of Sony Ericsson announced today that starting this spring unlocking the bootloader on Xperia phones in a “secure and legal way” will be allowed. It will be possible to unlock the boot loader for certain releases of our 2011 Xperia™ phones, such as Xperia™ arc, Xperia™ neo, Xperia™ pro and Xperia™ PLAY. This is […]
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Google Maps now automatically routes you around the traffic

Google Maps for Android just got better: Navigation mode now uses real-time traffic information to automatically route you around the traffic. No update to the Google Maps app is required, as the change has been made on the server side. In the blog post announcing this change, Roy Williams says that “before today, Navigation would choose whichever […]
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How to manually update Nexus One to Gingerbread 2.3.3 (FRG83G to GRI40)

While the official Gingerbread 2.3.3 release continues to roll out to Nexus One phones, impatient Nexus One owners can upgrade manually without waiting for the over-the-air update. The update procedure was described in details for the Froyo update and remains the same with the obvious exception of the update file downloaded in step 2. Make sure that you […]
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