Google I/O 2011

Google I/O 2011 starts tomorrow. The session schedule is impressive and contains 9 tracks: Android, App Engine, Chrome, Commerce, Dev Tools, Geo, Google APIs, Google Apps, and Tech Talk.

If you are one of many developers who wanted to attend, but won’t (registration sold out in under an hour), you can watch main events live. Both keynotes (about Android and Chrome) will be streamed via I/O live. Keynotes start at 9AM PST on Tuesday and 9:30 PST on Wednesday.

Video from the two biggest session rooms will also be livestreamed at I/O live. Room 3 will be streaming Chrome videos and room 11 - Android videos. All videos will be captioned and translated using Google Translate. Videos of all Google I/O sessions will later be available online in HD (last year Google I/O 2010 sessions were recorded in 480p).

You can also register and attend Google I/O Extended, which is a series of free viewing parties of Google I/O worldwide.

For those attending the conference in person, official Google I/O Android app is available to help plan your day. Google I/O hash tag is #io2011.

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