News: Google Docs editing on Android/iPhone, Google Voice app finally approved for iPhone, Galaxy S owners keep waiting for 2.2 update


  • Editing of Google Docs is now available on Android (2.2+), iPhone and iPad (iOS 3.0+). Editing Google Spreadsheets in the mobile browser has been available for a while now.

Google Docs editing on Android

  • Apple approved official Google Voice app for iOS. Finally, a ridiculous 1.5 year App Store ban of a very useful application has ended. Google Voice app was famously rejected by Apple in July 2009 for “duplicating” functionality prompting FCC inquiry. Apple didn’t comment on whether FCC inquiry or competition from Android, where Google Voice has been available since day one, prompted the end of the ban.
  • Samsung Galaxy S owners keep waiting for Android 2.2 update and Samsung has not yet announced dates for official update for US customers. Samsung Canada promised Vibrant and Captivate Android 2.2. updates in mid-December and Fascinate in early 2011.These delays do not help Samsung’s reputation of poor support (slow releasing or not releasing updates) of existing models. HTC and Motorola updated many of their phones to Android 2.2 in August-October.
  • Using Gmail? A Gmail security list from Google.
  • What Google knows about you and how to tweak it.
  • Google Maps for Android updated with Hotpot: ability to rate places on the go and get personalized recommendations.
  • Rovio updated Angry Birds for Android  to version 1.4.2. The update didn’t go very well with Android Angry Birds fans: while the update includes 45 new levels, the ads are now more prominent and annoying. Moreover, a lot of  users complained about various performance issues on some phones, which prompted Rovio to post on their blog that another update is coming.
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