Tip: how to prevent Swype keyboard from disabling on reboot

Swype is a very fast way to type on a touchscreen and once you get used to it going back to the regular keyboard is impossible. One nagging issue I’ve been having with Swype was that it was disappearing from the list of keyboards after reboot. As a result I had to re-enable it in Settings -> Language and Keyboard and then select it as a default keyboard.

It turns out that this was caused by Swype being moved to SD card. Once I moved it back to the phone memory, the problem disappeared.

The reason I moved it to the SD card in the first place was to free internal phone memory: Swype is over 3MB for English and Spanish and over 12MB for full version (English, Spanish, Chinese, German, UK English, Dutch, Portugese, Italian, Russian and French). But if any app is worth keeping in internal phone memory, it’s Swype.

Swype beta is currently open to all Android users.

Credit: android.stackexchange.com.

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